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We are company founded in 1991 and located in Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic. Our main focus is to produce and develop testers, testing & measuring equipment and provide services in test & measurement. We develop testers for different industries – Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Medical and Consumer electronics which are used not only in Europe, but in USA, China, Japan or Southeastern Asia.

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Gantner Instruments 09/09/2020
We have become an official reseller for DAQ systems in Czech and Slovak market for Gantner Instruments!
RADNEXT 06/23/2020
We have become an official supporter of RADNEXT initiative located in CERN, Switzerland!
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    Production component testing - high speed discrete semiconductor test platform Effitest up to 65.000 UPH.

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    Development and production of test and measurement equipment - experienced R&D team, in-house assembly and production.

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    Laboratory component testing - universal mixed-signal test platform UNIMET for wide range of components, complies with MIL-STD-750D.

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    Service, sales and support - global distribution sales network with lifetime on-site support.

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    Functional and in-circuit testing - turnkey solutions for testing assembled electronics (PCB, PCBA, modules, ECUs, final products).

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    Application design and development – SCADUS, LabView, TestStand (NI Alliance Partner), Altium designer, SolidWorks, MS Project.

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  • EFFITEST e50

    EFFITEST e50 Download datasheet here Testing Bipolar transistors MOSFETs Diodes Zener diodes Voltage ...

  • Test Adapters UNIMET

    Test Adapters UNIMET Software for TAxx is fully integrated within SCADUS universal test SW. HW of TAxx contains additional ins ...

  • UNIMET 2020

    UNIMET 2020 COTS parts | EEE parts | Hi-Rel parts | Space Grade parts | Military Grade parts | ASIC   Downloa ...

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