EFFITEST e50 is ultra high-speed discrete semiconductor tester perfect for use in production

Download datasheet here



  • Bipolar transistors
  • Diodes
  • Zener diodes
  • Voltage regulators
  • LED, Optocouplers 
  • Photodiodes
  • Phototransistors 
  • IGBT Drivers
  • Low pin count devices

Test time

  • Bipolar transistors <35 ms
  • Diodes <25 ms


(possibility to integrate measurement equipment from 3rd party vendors)

  • LED Spectrometer
  • LCR Bridge
  • etc.

Areas of application

  • High volume production testing
  • Quality control
  • Failure analysis
  • Engineering testing


  • Easy to install and setup - less than 3 hours from crate to test
  • Very high speed test - only 35 ms to test a bipolar transistor
  • Throughput up to 60,000 UPH
  • Multisite and Carousel capability - split the test program in two to increase handler speed
  • Virtual scope – internal instrument allowing display of measured parameters – voltages, currents, etc. with 100kHz sample rate
  • Reduced hardware set - decreases maintenance costs
  • SW auto calibration - calibration with external DMM available with one click
  • Easy programming and debugging of test programs
  • Configurable test head - one or two CVI’s can be placed on each test head
  • Small and compact power box - all the necessary power supplies in a 550mm x 170mm x 350mm box
  • Life-cycle support

Technical specification

  • CVI means Combi VI – equivalent of Source Measurement Unit
  • 1 CVI unit consists of - 2×VI source 30 V / 3 A, HV source 600 V / 10 mA and Leakage current meter from 100 nA range
  • One CVI board designed for testing up to 3-pin device
  • Additional Multiplexer allowing measurement up to 10-pin components
  • CVIs can be grouped for testing multi devices or more pin devices
  • Small and compact power box - all the necessary power supplies in a 550mm x 170mm x 350mm box



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