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We are company founded in 1991 and located in Valasske Mezirici, Czech Republic. Our main focus is to produce and develop testers, testing & measuring equipment and provide services in test & measurement. We develop testers for different industries – Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Medical and Consumer electronics which are used not only in Europe, but in USA, China, Japan or Southeastern Asia.

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PF 2020 01/01/2020
Happy New Year!
UNIMET 2020 introduced on Productronica! 11/12/2019
New test system UNIMET 2020, successor of famous UNIMET 3000 and SZ M3000 released!
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    Complete test process design - in-line testing, testing stations, connection to various information systems

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    Verifying of PCB designs, production of PCB samples, soldering PCBs in vapours, PCB assembly, PCB washing

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    Measurement and testing of customer specified components, Test house, Detection of counterfeit parts

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    PCB design of given schematics, 3D design of mechanical components

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    Lease of testing equipment, repurchase of old or obsolete test equipment from Unites Systems or SZ Testsysteme

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    Application design & development for various test platforms – SCADUS, LabView, TestStand, LTX Credence, etc.

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    CMT - Tester The tester is also suitable for integration into test and assembly lines with a connection to user databa ...

  • Effitest E50

    Effitest E50 Areas of application: High volume production testing Quality control Failure analysis Enginee ...

  • UNIMET 2020

    UNIMET 2020 COTS parts | EEE parts | Hi-Rel parts | Space Grade parts | Military Grade parts Technical specifi ...

  • UNIMET 1037

    UNIMET 1037 Detachable TA37 can be used as well with M3000, UNIMET 3000 and UNIMET 2020. UNIMET 1037 allows fast and ...

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