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SCADUS is SW environment for controlling of our testers (UNIMET, M3000, DMT,  Effitest, ) and for processing of measured results. It is possible to use it for controlling other testers and utilize already programmed features (statistics, database etc.)

The control software SCADUS (Smart Control And Development Universal Software) is based on Windows operating system. The test control software and test program development and debugging software are done in Delphi. It is designed for a wide base of customers. Each operator and engineer have a separate profile with all screens and software configurations. Online application development is also possible from another computer. The debugger and statistics are offered as standard accessories.


Debugging features include a so called SoftScope (software oscilloscope) to allow monitoring of exact test conditions (pulses), Shmoo plot for fast and extensive analysis of programs and devices and graphical controlling panels. The graphical panels in the Instrument Debugger are designed to get the actual state of the instruments and to modify it.  Many graphical panels from dedicated instruments show the block diagram of the instrument and display actual settings. Actual settings can be manually changed. Each action generates a source code, which can be copied into the source text (Visual Debugger only).

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