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Effitest E50

Effitest E50

effitest e50 is a flexible and cost efficient solution with easy programming, debugging of test programs and life-cycle support.

Areas of application:

  • High volume production testing
  • Quality control
  • Failure analysis
  • Engineering testing

Wide range of components to test

  • Bipolar transistors
  • Diodes
  • Zener diodes
  • Voltage regulators
  • Low pin count devices

Test time

  • Bipolar transistors 35 ms
  • Diodes 25 ms

Competitive advantages


  • Easy to install and setup - less than 3 hours from crate to test
  • Very easy to adapt to the handler - 3 pieces of hardware that can be placed separately around the handler, or together in a stand
  • Final test and Quality assurance test with dedicated hardware - one CVI test instrument, dedicated to a handler test station, can test a 3lead device
  • Very high speed test - only 35 ms to test a bipolar transistor
  • Throughput up to 60,000 UPH
  • Multisite and Carousel capability - split the test program in two to increase handler speed
  • Flexible and cost effective solution
  • Reduced hardware set - decreases maintenance costs
  • Easy programming and debugging of test programs
  • Configurable test head - one or two CVI’s can be placed on each test head
  • Life-cycle support


  • Configurable measuring, multiple VI sources - 2x 4 quadrant VI source 30V/3A, 1x 600V/ 10mA VI source, leakage current measurement unit
  • Minimized relay switching - no relay on the CVI board. All relays are in the configuration board, attached to the CVI
  • Small and compact power box - all the necessary power supplies in a 550mm x 170mm x 350mm box
  • Very high speed test - it takes only 35 ms to test a bipolar transistor, 25ms for a diode
  • Upgradeable CVI firmware - no additional hardware needed for the upgrade
  • Waveform capture and generation - 100kHz sample rate for both capture and generation waveforms


  • Extensive parameter library - all common parameters for discrete testing are available
  • Powerful test editor - one can edit, modify or create parameters and the code is automatically generated
  • Scope function - see all wave forms to help on debugging or optimizing any parameter
  • Complete self test routine - executes a complete check, relays included, to all the hardware
  • Calibration procedure - calibration with external meter available with one click
  • Production and engineering modes - limited functions on the production screen for mishandling protection

HW Specification

  • Multi-site and carousel capability
  • Flexible pin electronics
  • Extendable DUT pincounts
  • Minimized relays switching
  • Configurable measuring VI sources – CVI
  • Relays self-diagnostic on-the-fly
  • Waveform generation capability on 100 kHz sample rate
  • SW calibration

Standard configuration of TH up to 4 CVI boards

  • Configurable CVI firmware for future enhancements
  • CVI – Combi VI sources
  • One CVI board designed for testing up to 3-pin device
  • 2×VI source 30 V / 3 A
  • HV source 600 V / 10 mA
  • Leakage current meter from 100 nA range
  • Sophisticated switching matrix

CVIs can be grouped for testing multi devices or more pin devices


– Smart Control and Development Universal Software Test system control software.

  • Windows based
  • Engineering or Operator mode
  • Test data statistics support
  • Instrument debugger panels with source code generation
  • Delphi language programming
  • Offline development simulator
  • Versatile control of extension instruments such as GPIB, PCI, PXI, etc.

Application SW – TA107

  • Easy and fast menu – like TP programming
  • Wide library of standart test items
  • Test time per test and total test time
  • Test item editor for customer specific test items creation
  • Stop At Fail possibility to get shorter test time
  • SW scope tracer to analyze test conditions and results

It is a dedicated test platform for different areas of applications and a wide range of components to test. effitest e50 is a flexible and cost efficient solution with easy programming, debugging of test programs and life-cycle support.


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Ondřej Běťák


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